200% Guarantee

We recently worked with a professional contractor who wanted to know if he could do his own home inspection. As a contractor, he knew a lot about homes. We told him we’d inspect the home and compare lists. If he wasn’t satisfied, we’d do it for free. After seeing everything we found on the report that he might have missed, he happily paid us. Since then, we’ve extended this 200% Guarantee to all homebuyers.

If you’re not completely satisfied with our inspection, we’ll refund your money and pay for another inspector with equivalent credentials to perform a second inspection within your due diligence inspection time.*

In the past few years, we’ve interviewed more than 20 inspectors who we turned down because of lack of training, experience, and commitment. These same inspectors are currently conducting assessments on their own in Orange County, Los Angeles and the surrounding areas of California. Ensure that you receive a qualified inspector by choosing Signature Home Inspection.

Terms of 200 % Guarantee General Conditions/Limitations*

1) Satisfaction guarantee is for the performance of the inspection and not for the report of opinions by inspector.

2) Client must sign required home inspection agreement prior to the inspection and inspection must be paid for in full before starting the inspection.

3) Buyer must be present for entire inspection.

4) Compensation for 2nd Inspection Fee cannot exceed original Home Inspection only Fee Paid Additional services ie, Mold, Meth, Radon etc. Do Not apply for any adjustments.

5) Second Inspector must be properly certified and insured and a member in good standing of ASHI or NACHI Organizations. Documentation must be provided.

6) A signed and witnessed Wind River Property, LLC aka Signature Home Inspection release from liability form must be received to initiate the above process.

7) Buyer listed on Inspection is the only party that may file a claim. The fee will be refunded by check via mail to the person who originated the fee payment minus any credit card fees. (This is the 100% return part)

8) A check to pay for the re-inspection will be paid directly to the re-inspection company in their name for their inspection fee up to 100% of our original home inspection fee amount. (This is the 200% part) Any re-inspection must be completed on the same property within 5 days of the original home inspection.

9) Laws of the State where Inspection was conducted apply.

10) Client must object and claim this offer within 48 hours of the initial property inspection start time by providing their specific concerns in writing.– No Exceptions.

11) This Guarantee applies only to complete Home Buyers Inspection. No other services are covered by this guarantee.

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