When you order a home inspection from Signature Home Inspection, you’ll receive an extra level of protection for your home with MoldSafe. For the first 90 days after the inspection, if mold is found in your home that was not present at the time of inspection, you are covered for remediation, up to $2000.

What does this plan cover?

This MoldSafe agreement covers only repairs as specified and excludes all others. Coverage is limited to $2000 in aggregate. Only new visible mold growth that occurs after the date of the inspection is covered and does not cover repairs to components that need to be replaced but rather just covers their removal. There are many surfaces that can be treated and cleaned without this removal. This policy does not cover mold resulting from insurable events including but not limited to floods, rain/water intrusion, or any other peril. This is not homeowner’s insurance policy.

Click image below to see the terms and conditions.

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