With every full home inspection, Signature Home Inspection now offers sewer line protection from SewerGard, the world leader in underground repair coverage. Main water breaks and sewer line collapses are covered for up to $4,000, ensuring that home buyers can buy with confidence and agents can worry less.

Often a home’s sewer line is omitted from the inspection report. Sewer lines run underground, making it difficult for inspectors to assess the line’s quality. Inspectors usually evaluate the sewer line by flushing the toilet, but roots that may not block the pipes at the time can grow over the course of sixty days. Other sewer problems can also develop after a month or two, including line collapses. SewerGard lasts for ninety days to protect against any issues that might not be apparent during the initial inspection. This can help homeowners save thousands in repair costs and avoid a nightmare situation where a home’s plumbing system is rendered unusable.

Sewer repairs aren’t covered under insurance or home warranties and inspectors aren’t legally liable, so when a sewer line breaks, the new owner covers the cost. These repairs aren’t cheap either. Sewer line repairs often cost between $1,000 and $4,000. Both home buyers and agents are pleased with the assurance that this unexpected expense will be covered.

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