Air conditioner is an electronic device with moving parts. It is prone to develop problems with constant use and passage of time. Regular servicing and maintenance makes sure that it keeps performing at optimal levels. However, there are some signs that tell your air conditioner requires immediate servicing.

Cooling efficiency has gone down

If you are not feeling comfortable even when your air conditioner is running at full capacity, you know that something is not right with the unit. Sweating or feeling uncomfortable when your A/C is running full blast is a sign that the unit has developed some snag. It is a sign that the A/C is not generating enough cold air to lower the temperature inside your home. You should clean the air filters of your A/C but that is the most you can do for troubleshooting. You need to call up experienced engineer to find if there are any issues with the electronic control panel or the cooling gas inside the air conditioner.

Your A/C is making strange sounds or generating smells

Smells and sounds are an indication that all is not well with your air conditioning unit. You should call up you’re A/C engineer to attend to your unit as soon as you sense some foul smell or hear strange noises made by the unit. Your A/C could be overheating, or some circuit might be burning in case of foul smell. If you hear weird sounds, they could be a result of loose fan belt or a malfunctioning fan motor. In fact, ignoring or overlooking sounds coming out of your air conditioning unit could prove dangerous as it can be a precursor to a big problem. Instead of waiting and then spending huge amount of money on repairs, it is a better idea to get your air conditioning unit serviced in time.

Very high electricity bills

Every air conditioning unit comes with a rating that determines how many units it will consume in a given time. If you find that your electricity bills have increased too much, it is a sign that your air conditioning unit is consuming a lot of electricity. Dirty air filters block normal air flow and your unit starts to consume more electricity than it should. However, if cleaning of air filters does not solve your problem, the malaise lies somewhere else and it can be detected only a trained and experienced engineer.