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Radon is an odorless, tasteless and colorless gas that is virtually undetectable to humans. It is released into the home by the decay of uranium, usually found in the building’s foundation. At high levels radon is extremely dangerous and carcinogenic. After cigarettes radon is the most common cause of lung cancer in both Europe and the U.S. At Signature Home Inspection, we provide a very easy and efficient radon test. A continuous monitor is placed in the home. After 48 hours we collect the data. If the test indicates that your home contains unsafe levels of radon above EPA threshold limits, Signature Home Inspection will consult you on the variety of methods for mitigating the radon and reducing health risks for you and your family. Once the risk to your home has been reduced, Signature Home Inspection can re-test to insure that radon levels remain low. Periodic follow-up tests are always recommended for homes with high levels of radon. Don’t delay; have your home tested for radon today! Call (888) 860-2688.

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