Welcome to Signature Home Inspection, a certified home inspection company.

We are glad you found us and are excited that you are considering using us as your certified home inspector. Please spend a few minutes learning about our Home Inspection Services and company overview. We are Certified Professional Home Inspectors and perform the most comprehensive home inspection in the business using sophisticated tools and instrumentation. With hundreds of items reviewed during our three + hour inspection, you will come away armed with information to assist in the negotiating process and ensure you are making an informed purchase decision.

Condo Inspection

Condo Inspection

Demand Experience

We have the practical and professional expertise necessary to identify defects in your home. Operating as full-time professional home inspectors since 2002, the Signature Home Inspection brings to the table over 20 years of construction experience. Some home inspectors simply attend a “workshop” and pass an exam to become a home inspector. Be advised that California and Utah do not have any licensing requirements for home inspectors.

We are a member of InterNACHI, the largest and most respected trade association of home inspectors with members worldwide. Our home inspectors have certifications and other achievements that classify them as Certified Professional Inspectors and have published articles on various home inspection topics.

Demand Value

We are always looking for ways to improve our efficiency while still offering superior service to our clients. Our home inspection pricing is very competitive. You might be able to find a lower cost home inspector. But think about it, do you want the cheapest home inspector at a time when you are contemplating what could be the largest purchase decision of your life?

Demand Quality

Our home inspectors communicate clearly and spend time with you during the inspection recap to discuss any item of concern. With our experience, we have the knowledge to offer tips on how to perform DIY repairs if you chose and can point you in the right direction should your home need more significant repairs. The picture we paint is crystal clear and we think you will appreciate this high level of service. Our detailed, computer-generated home inspection reports are delivered electronically typically within 24 hours and include color photos to illustrate the condition of a home, all written in a narrative style that is easy to understand. Most home inspectors use inferior software to produce their inspection reports and the result is a generic, poorly formatted document with canned responses and difficult to find information. Take a look at our sample home inspection report, then look at others. We think you will agree that we produce one of the best home inspection reports in the business.

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