Why a pre-listing inspection is beneficial for you

Like every other homeowner, you are desirous of fetching the highest possible for your house through its sale. You clean and de-clutter and prepare the home well to make it attractive for prospective buyers. You know the buyer will get the home inspected after signing the contract with you. However, a pre-listing inspection is not only desirable but also highly beneficial on your part. Here are some important benefits accruing to you should you go for an inspection before putting your house on the market.

It will give you a lot of peace of mind

Like selling your used car. You need to know the issues in the structure of your house before listing it on the MLS. It gives you a correct idea about its marketability. You know that you are not selling something that will in any way compromise with the financial and emotional interests of the buyer. If you are not aware of some issues. They are later brought to your attention during inspection ordered by the buyer. It will upset your calculations and cause stress in your mind.

You can rectify the problems easily at your own pace

If any major issues are revealed in the inspection after signing the contract, you could be asked by the buyer to undertake repairs to their full satisfaction. Why not order an inspection yourself? Then carry out improvements in your own budget and flexible schedule rather than facing the ultimatum given by the buyer later on?

It helps in setting the right asking price

You can get rid of the problems of price haggling buyers indulge in when home inspection report reveals some issues with the structure of the house. By carrying out as pre-listing inspection, you get a clear idea about the fair market value of the house based upon its features and condition. You are confident about the asking price because you have adjusted it according to the actual condition of the house.

There are no surprises in store for you later

If you are honestly not aware of any problems with your house, you can be taken aback when the home inspection ordered by the buyer reveals them. When you have carried out a pre-listing inspection yourself, you are confident dealing with the buyer as you know everything is OK. Pre-listing home inspection ensures smooth and hassle-free sale of your house.

How to Reduce your Electricity Bills During Winter Months

If you are living in a cold area with severe winters, you must be annoyed with the high electricity bills incurred on account of keeping the home warm and comfortable. You get your heating unit serviced in time and placed heavy curtains in all the rooms. But still you find that your electricity bills remain steep during these 4-5 months. Here are some simple and very effective ways to keep your heating bill manageable during winter months.

Take advantage of whatever natural light you are getting

It is a fact that days are short and sunny weather conditions are rare during winter months. However, you must make the most of bright sunshine to keep your home warm as much as possible. Keep windows allowing natural sunlight inside open during day time and shut them after sunset. Trap the warmth of sun’s rays to increase the temperature inside the home.

Look at the insulation of your attic

When you send hot air inside your house, it tends to rise and go up. Much of the energy used to keep your home warm gets wasted as this hot air travels into the attic where it is of no use. Proper insulation of the attic is essential to make sure that it does not allow hot air to leak out. Make sure that you attic is properly sealed and padded up to prevent any leakage of hot air.

Adjustment of thermostat can help in saving electricity

You do not need heat when you are working or moving out of your home. Lower the thermostat to a range of 60-65 degrees for at least 8 hours in a day to help in lowering your electricity bills. Also, do not waste electricity on heating the rooms or areas that are rarely used during winter months. You can seal the guest room and the store room to stop heat from entering them. This will help you in controlling your electricity bills during winter season.

Use warm clothing and indulge in physical activities

You can make yourself warm without eating up a lot of electricity. You use warm and heavy clothing whenever you step out of your home but get rid of these clothes once you are back in your home. Keep wearing warm clothing items and indulge in exercises or workouts to naturally keep your body warm and comfortable. This way you will not remain dependent upon your heating unit to stay warm.