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Home Repair Rip-Offs

Home Repair Rip-Offs are becoming a severe problem in today’s world. Homeowners are at risk of being taken advantage of by unqualified and unscrupulous contractors who promise to fix their home repairs but either never finish the job or do a sub-par job leading to more problems and higher costs in the long run. A […]

Evaluating the Potential for Radon

Evaluating the Potential for Radon Radon testing is essential in evaluating the potential for radon in a home or building. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas found in soil and rocks. It is released into the air when these materials are disturbed or exposed to the elements. Radon is a serious health hazard and […]

What Is a Slab Leak?

What is a slab leak? A slab leak is a leak in the water pipes that run beneath the concrete slab foundation of a home. Various issues, including corrosion or damage from earthquakes or plumbing accidents, cause it. If left unchecked, a leak can cause severe damage to the structure and foundation of a home. […]

Unvented Crawlspaces

In most climate zones, conditioned unvented crawlspaces perform better than vented crawlspaces in terms of safety, health, comfort, durability, and energy consumption. Research has demonstrated that these conditioned crawlspaces also do not cost more than vented crawlspaces. Crawlspace venting is a widely accepted business practice across the country. However, in humid climates, the warm, moist […]

Water Heater Drain Pan

A water heater tank should be installed inside a water heater drain pan in a dwelling where a leak from the tank could cause damage to the structure or property.  The pan is intended to catch water leaks from the tank or associated connections or condensate from the tank.  The pan should be made of […]

Wood-Burning Stoves

A wood-burning stove (also known as a wood stove) is a heating appliance made from iron or steel capable of burning wood fuel. Unlike a standard fireplace, a wood stove is typically contained entirely within the living space rather than inset in a wall.             Wood stoves come in many […]

Drain Waste Vent Basics

Drain Waste Vent Basics – Every trap and trap fixture should be vented. The purpose of venting is to protect the trap seal of each trap. The vent system reduces pressure differences in the drainage system. Venting protects the trap seals from positive pressures and siphonage. At least one vent pipe should extend to the […]

TrueDoor Property Management

In this episode, Kyle Thompson, co-owner of TrueDoor Property Management, joined Scott to discuss why having a good property management company is a must for every landlord and tenant in today’s market. Some of the topics discussed were: Self show technology to view potential rentals. Virtual 360 tours of rental properties. Property marketing and tenant […]

Real Estate Photo Co

In this episode, Pouria Safa, owner of Real Estate Photo Co, joined Scott to discuss why having a good real estate photographer is a must for every real estate listing in today’s market. Some of the topics discussed were: Real estate photography and video services that are offered. What is virtual staging, and how can […]

6 Signs You Have a Problem with Your Main Sewer Line

Sewer lines are critical parts of the plumbing system, yet they often attract the least amount of attention until major problems occur. Broken and clogged sewer lines add up to significant damage in a short amount of time. When contaminated water doesn’t drain properly, you could deal with mold and bacterial growth in critical areas […]